Created by
Annabelle Mauger & Julien Baron
Created by
Annabelle Mauger & Julien Baron

Tickets to Imagine Picasso will be released on Wednesday, January 19th at 12 noon ET Tickets to Imagine Picasso will be released
on Wednesday, January 19th at 12 noon ET

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Imagine Picasso is a multi-media celebration of Picasso’s work—a unique, interactive exhibit allowing you to literally step into the world and works of the master of modern art. Picasso, known as one of the most prolific creative geniuses of all time, produced over 65,000 artworks during his 78-year career. Now, using the groundbreaking Image Totale, an impressive collection of 200+ Picasso artworks from prestigious museums and private collections are brought to life all around you. Enjoy absolute clarity and see every brushstroke from up close as you experience Picasso’s most famous paintings like never before.

A Tribute to the Lasting
Legacy of Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) is the master of modern art: constantly reinventing himself, this world-famous painter revolutionized the forms and the academic aesthetics through several art mediums.

img-1 - Imagine Picasso Atlanta: Immersive Art Exhibit

Revolutionizing Immersion
with Image Totale©

The Image Totale© warping techniques used for Imagine Picasso perfectly adapt the scenographic surface to each projected image, thus preserving the integrity of every painting.

img-2 - Imagine Picasso Atlanta: Immersive Art Exhibit

Spacious and

Imagine Picasso is a hands-free digital experience suited to our socially distant yet innovative world. The spacious venue in which Picasso’s paintings are projected floor to ceiling provides ample space to walk around while maintaining social distancing. Safety measures will be in place and local guidelines will be followed to allow you to enjoy every masterpiece to the fullest.

img-3 - Imagine Picasso Atlanta: Immersive Art Exhibit

An Exhibit Authorized
by the Picasso Estate

This digital exhibition has been licensed by Le SuccessionPicasso. The creators of Imagine Picasso—Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron—closely collaborated with art historian Androula Michael and star architect Rudy Ricciotti to design a beautiful, educational experience that preserves the integrity of every painting. This all-encompassing artistic partnership makes Imagine Picasso a comprehensive and rigorous art exhibition as well as a pedagogical platform to spread the Picasso story to large audiences.

img-4 - Imagine Picasso Atlanta: Immersive Art Exhibit


  1. Date: March 8th, 2022 - June 19, 2022
  2. Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
  3. Duration: The visit will take around 60 minutes
  4. Location: Pullman Yards. 225 Rogers Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30317, United States
  5. Price: Starting at $31.50
  6. All ages are welcome: Free admission for kids under 5


Pullman Yards, Atlanta
225 Rogers St NE, Atlanta, GA , United States, 30317


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What people think about our Imagine Picasso Immersive Exhibit

5 stars

  • Curiocity Vancouver.

    Imagine Piccaso exhibit is every art enthusiast's dream come true.

  • 604 Now.

    Guests will enter a serene and enlightening experience, walking through the exhibit. Each corner, each point provides a unique perspective.

  • Inside Vancouver.

    Imagine Picasso invites you to experience the art of Picasso in a way that has never been done before!.

  • Caroline Gingras and Maxime Tremblay - CFOM.

    This exhibition is anything but static! It is really worth it! The musical works brings depth to Picasso’s work.

  • Léa Carrier, La Presse.

    Imagine more than 230 works by Picasso gathered in one place, at the same time. Today, such an exhibition would be impossible due to the exorbitant value of the paintings and their availability. And yet, French designers Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, who gave us Imagine Van Gogh 18 months ago, repeat the feat.

  • Léa Harvey, Le Soleil.

    ... an immersive visit where you can distinguish each brushstroke.

  • Mary P.

    The Picasso show far exceeded our expectations! We knew we’d love it - we loved the Van Gogh exhibit, - but we were blown away by Picasso. So many works we had never seen before (and we’ve studied art extensively). Lovely show!.

  • Josh R.

    A very cool way to experience so many of Picasso’s incredible creations.

  • Mari H.

    The perfect way to see Picasso beautifully fragmented and colourful just like his style. It’s like seeing his artwork through a prism. A definite must see, loved it 💖


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